Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vanderbilt vs Florida 2011

Dad has been a season ticket holder for Florida Football game since 1978.  He's had the same seats in the South End Zone since they were build, before I was born.  My entire childhood's experience with football was spent in Dad's two seats.  They are my favorite place in all of Florida Field.  Maybe mid-field would be better, but I wouldn't want to watch a game anywhere else than those seats, with my dad.

For the Homecoming game against Vanderbilt this year I was able to bring Stephen for his first SEC football game and first trip to The Swamp.  My step-sister and her husband got tickets with us too.  Instead of the 4 of is sitting in our actual seats, we took seats by our parents and had a great time, all 6 of us!

Every year Dad and I take the same picture, at the balcony of our level.  One day I'll line all of them up and watch us get older.  Dad looks so cute in this one!

Of course no football game would be complete without tailgating before the game.  Kickoff was 12:20 which doesn't leave much time.  Add on to that a drive from Atlanta and you're looking at even less time.  Stephen and I were on the road by 5:45am and arrived in Gainesville at our parking spot at 10:45.  We had one hour to chat, drink and get to the game.  Not tons of time, but we had fun!  We even made friends with a group of people near by who provided us with Bloody Mary's!  Jackpot!

My favorite part of the tailgate, Meaghan's Gator cookies!  Look how cute they are.  I can't wait to make them, I just need the cookie cutter.  (Hint Hint for family out there - it's almost Christmas!)  Some of the Gators are even wearing pearls!

The game was great, the good guys won.  You don't get to say that too much this season.  I'm glad we got to see a W.  GO GATORS!

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