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I've heard a lot about and how easy they are to order from.  I've just never really taken the time to look at the site to see what they have.  I always thought they were just shoes and it's hard for me to order shoes online.  I get nervous if I can't try something on before I buy it.

Yesterday I got an email from Rue Lala about a Michael Kors sale on jackets.  I didn't buy a coat for myself last year and I really need a camel pea coat or a warm, casual black coat.  I found an amazing jacket and fell in love.  It was $99.  I'm always concerned that the sleeves on jackets won't be long enough for my long arms, so I was really nervous about ordering it.  Rue Lala will refund your money if you return something, as long as you pay the return shipping.  I went to look for any product reviews on the jacket to see if I could find anything on the arm length.  I didn't find any reviews but I did find the same jacket on sale on

It was $7 more expensive on, but shipping was free, returns are free and they have NEXT DAY delivery.  All of that was worth the extra $7.  I ordered the jacket yesterday at 11:30 and it was at my desk today by 1:00.  How amazing is that!

Jacket Review - I LOVE IT.  The down makes it very warm and the sleeves are long enough! I've never had a jacket with a hood, besides my all-purpose North Face jacket that's far more casual than this one, and definitely not one with faux fur.  LOVE IT.  There are pulls at the waist of the jacket on the inside so you can see that you actually have a waist and you're not one long blob.  I'm also 6' tall and the jacket is long enough to come down below my bum, a very nice bonus.  I'm thinking the girl in the photo above is similar to by body size and shape because it fits me exactly how it fits her in the picture.  I'm typically a Medium in shirts and dresses and I ordered a Medium in the jacket and it is true to size.

I'm so very happy with my purchase!  Now if I want to wear black and be casual I don't have to wear my nice peacoat and look over dressed or wear my North Face and look super casual.  This one is right smack dab in the middle.

I've had a few minutes to look around at a little bit more and I love how easy it is to search for items.  The site has more sorts than you would ever think necessary, but if you're looking for something specific, it's such a help.

I highly recommend to any online shopper.  I wish I had known sooner.

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