Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #14 - Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

All of the beautiful ladies
So far, this is the most exciting post that I get to write about wedding planning.  Last night two of my very best friends in the entire world hosted a bridal shower for me and took me out dancing.   I've been to countless showers before and nothing compares to show special it felt to look around and see so many faces that I love and care about so much.  And the best part, they were all there to share a special night with me.  Rarely do I do things for attention, especially when I'm surrounded by more deserving people, but I'll admit, it felt so nice to have the spotlight last night.

The shower was at Apres Diem in Midtown.  We drank wine and had some delicious apps while we chatted and everyone got to know each other.  I opened presents and I'm so grateful for each and every gift.  But the part of the night that I'll cherish the most was the time we had to sit and talk.  So many friends from so many different places.  Middle school, college, old co-workers, current co-workers and great friends.  I told Stephen the next day how amazing it is that I get to surround myself with those ladies.  Everyone stands out in her own way.

I can't thank Whitney and Nicole enough for the special night.  My hangover this morning was a reminder that life isn't always wine, cheese and your best friends.  But I was able to rally and make it to the Braves game at 1:30pm today - it could have been worse.

My old Atlanta roomie and one of the sweetest ladies on the planet

There is a reason we have stayed friends for so long - we like to say we share one brain

I couldn't get through my workday without these girls

My very special hostesses

Special guest Lindsay from San Diego! 


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