Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #15 - Makeup Trial

I urge everyone to do a makeup trial, whether you are having your makeup done by a professional on the day of your wedding or if you’re going to be brave and do it yourself.  I’m part of that latter group, but I’m still building up the confidence so that come the big day in less than a month, I’m ready to go. 

I did a lot of research on make-up artists who could come to the house to do my make-up and I also found someone who would be able to do it at the salon where I’m getting my hair done.  I found that the make-up artists that came to me were well outside of my budget.  Hundreds of dollars outside of my budget, as a matter of fact.  The lady at my salon was totally reasonable, but because of timing the morning of the wedding there wasn’t enough time to get hair and make-up done if I started at 9:00am.  I’ll have to go to the salon with some of my makeup already on and finish the rest after my hair is done.  It will be just like a work morning. 
My Bridal Look
I decided that if I was going to do my own makeup I wanted to use products that I am comfortable using in my everyday makeup wear so that I wouldn’t be wasting money buying things I’ll need that special day.  I went with MAC Cosmetics since I already had a few lip colors and some eye shadows.  I made my appointment at MAC counter at the Nordstrom in Buckhead at Phipps Plaza versus going to the MAC store because I was recommended the artists at Nordstrom.  I believe if you go to the actual MAC store, they may charge you more – but don’t quote me on that, I never called that location.  The Nordstrom cosmetic department is really close to the parking lot so it was an easy choice. 

My makeup artist was running about 15 minutes late which put me in a bad mood, but I told myself that I wouldn’t let it get me upset because I would need to focus and trust the woman there to help me.  Once we got started I was totally comfortable and enjoyed the entire experience.  I was in the makeup chair for about an hour and then it took an hour to get everything organized and for me to check out.  The best part was that I got to go home with the sheet of paper, above.  The paper shows all of the different products and colors and what goes where.  I wanted something that would still look like me, but better.  

Close up of my eye makeup - look at all the colors!
Check it out, there is pink AND blue eye shadow going on!  I even bought fake eye lashes for the wedding day.  The bonus to the entire day was that that evening was my bridal shower, so I got to ask all of my friends what they thought of my makeup and it was unanimous, they loved it.  

I've been using some of the products I purchased the past few days so that I can get used to using all of it, and quickly.  I've been using the eye shadow (not the blue, and definitely not as smokey), foundation and powder.  I have new eye cream, foundation, cover up, powder, blush, 5 different eye shadow colors and I even learned how to gently and barely fill in my eyebrows, which makes a HUGE difference.  

I can't wait for the big day, especially knowing that my MAC cosmetics will last all day.  


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