Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bonus Post - Puppy Pictures!

I'm one of those crazy dog parents.  I talk to the dogs like they're human.  I take pictures of them every possible chance I get and I think everything they do is adorable.  (Unless Goose is having a puppy accident in the house - not cute.)

Last night Stephen was working in the backyard and I opened the bedroom windows so the dogs could see him.  Aren't they cute!

They also love falling asleep in the bed with us.  Goose is still about 4 months old and he's already as big as Mabel who is full grown at 37 lbs.  Pretty soon there won't be room in the bed for the two of us humans.  Once we can trust Goose not to have an accident in the bedroom we'll buy the two of them a giant doggie bed for under the window where they can sleep so we can claim the bed.

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