Monday, July 16, 2012

Turner Field - Best Seats in the House

Unless you're able to buy the super expensive, lower level behind home plate tickets or suite tickets, there are some tricks to finding the best seats in Turner Field.  Stephen and I go to so many games and we've sat in so many different sections, I wanted to share some tips that he and I have discovered.

Below is the map of the sections at Turner Field.  You can also click here for an interactive seating map with pricing details and pictures of the view from each section.  Obviously, tickets in a suite or in the lower level in the infield are the best seats in the house, in my opinion, there are other great seats at lower prices.

Source: Atlanta Braves Interactive Map
Hank Aaron Drive is along the east side of the stadium and closest to our house.  That gate never has a line of more than 5 people and it's so much faster than walking all the way to the main gate.  Tip #1 - if you're going to park at the stadium, pass the Blue and Green Lots and go through the light in front of the stadium by the main gate.  There will be a few grass and sand lots to your left that have quick access to that east gate for less walking.  However, if you're going to a game and you know it's going to be packed, buy your Green or Blue lot parking tickets in advance online or at the ticket booth.  Believe me, it will save some time.  The grass lots will be open for the big games, but they'll get full quick and then you're stuck in horrible traffic.

Tip #2 - use the east gate.  It's also the best gate for those bobble head nights or other give away nights. They have the same items, but with a shorter line.

When picking your ticket section for the game, first take into consideration the time of the game.  If it's an afternoon game, you want to avoid any section down the first base line.  Those sections are in direct sunlight until about 7:30pm.  Even for evening games, we try to stay as close to the third base line as possible, but it's not totally necessary.  If you're going to an evening game, or don't mind being hot one of our favorite sections are 401 and 402.  Yes, you're at the top of the stadium, but if you're in one of the first few rows the view of the entire stadium is great.  You can also see the skyline from here and when they do Friday Night Fireworks in the summer you have one of the best seats in the house.  Flyovers are also a lot closer.  For the same view at a little bit higher of a price are the Terrace Infield sections in the 200 level.  The upper rows of all 200 level tickets have cover from the seats above.  Great for those hot games, or games when there may be some rain.  Any 200 level ticket starting with section 205 and going to the third base side are great seats.  Another tip, when you walk into the stadium and you have 200 level seats, you don't need to walk upstairs to the 200 level walk way, you can get to those seats from the main level.   Yesterday it was a 90 degree day and we had seats in section 220, row 13.  We could see how sweaty most of the crowd was for the 1:35pm game, but we didn't even need sunglasses.  There was a nice breeze and we were in the shade the entire game.

If you're going to the game with a large group of people, 20+, I recommend contacting the ticket office and they will give you a package.  Some of them are pretty neat and come with Braves shirts.  If drinking at the game is more important that catching every pitch, buy the cheap seats, get there a little early, and head to the Chop House, the large bar in the outfield.  From the railing at the bar you have a perfect view of the game, but you're going to have to watch the scoreboard for balls and strikes because you won't be able to see those from the outfield.  There is also a second bar, on the suite level on the first base side with more seating outdoors.  Those lines aren't as long as the main Chop House on busy games.

At a higher price tag are the 300 level Club seats.  These sections are accessed from a concourse that is indoors.  I recommend these sections for fans with small children who may not be able to sit outside in the heat for a full game.  In the 2012 season, these Club tickets will run you somewhere around $40 a ticket.  Not too bad at all for the AC on a hot day if you're going to need it.

There is also the 755 Club out in left field.  It's an indoor bar and restaurant area with tables and some outdoor stadium seating, along with indoor seats along the windows.   You'll need to purchase special tickets that have 755 Club Access to get in to that section, but for rainy days, it's such a nice treat.  The lowest level ticket price for 755 access is $28.

We love Turner Field and really, there isn't a horrible seat in the house.  There are tickets in all price ranges and you're never blocked from seeing the field like in some of those older stadiums.  Turner Field is such a special part of our lives, we met at a game last season, I wanted to share some of our special tricks from our 20+ games together.   Go Braves!


  1. given the choice, would you recommend Terrace Infield or Club Reserved? Also, sounds like you recommend 3rd base side over 1st base side in general, right?

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  3. Just got some tickets to a 7:10pm game in Section 226L, Row 8. Are these relatively good seats for $8/each ?