Monday, June 18, 2012

Costco's Great Customer Service

I wasn't feeling well today so I decided to rest up at home and get some stuff around the house done.  I got to sleep past 8:00 and laid around until lunch time when I went out to meet Stephen and pick up a few things we needed by his office at Costco.

We're huge Costco fans so far.  We've spent a lot of money there in the past month, but we have so much stuff we won't need to buy for a long time.  And things like strawberries and Quinoa are in bulk and we eat them in bulk.

Stephen left before I did so he could get back to the office and I got in line to check out.  We had a bunch of  food that needs refrigeration, Greek yogurt, milk, eggs, etc, and when I got out to my car, I had a flat tire.  There was no way I was going to make it home on the air that I had left in the tire and there was no way that I could go to a repair shop with all of my food, $186 worth of food, and wait an hour or more for either a new tire or a patch.

I went back into Costco and they offered to hold my items in their walk-in cooler while I dealt with the car.  Costco's tire shop won't do work on a tire that isn't one of their own so I had to go to Sears at the mall across the parking lot.  The customer service person that I spoke to when I went back into the store recognized me when I came back in.

I'm so grateful that Costco was able to help when I needed them to.  They could have easily told me it was "company policy" or something like that not to hold already purchased items and I would have been out a lot of money.  I don't mind paying an annual fee to be a Costco member if we get customer service like I did today.  A day that could have been a small disaster wasn't that bad and I made it back to the house in time to get a little bit more rest before Stephen gets home from work.

Oh yeah, and the lunch - a giant slice of pizza and a drink for less than $3.  Yummo.

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