Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #18 - Guest Book

If you have read any of the other 17 posts about planning our wedding you'll have noticed that we're doing things a little nontraditional.  Because we were only engaged for four months before our big day we didn't see the need to do any engagement pictures.  They would have been nice to have, but with a 6-8 week turn around on getting any edited and back to us, we would have had to take pictures right after we were engaged if we wanted to use any of them in the ceremony.

One of the places I wish we had an engagement photo is for our guest book.  One of my best friends used her engagement photos and turned them into a book with a lot of white space to be used as her guest book/sign in book.  Check out this page from Jenn Hopkins Photography so you can see what I mean.  How awesome right?

Well, we don't have a full set of professional pictures so we decided we wanted to have a large mat around an 8x10 picture.  During the reception at SweetWater Brewery we'll have a fun picture of the two of us in the frame and then when we have the wedding pictures back we'll replace with a wedding photo for the house.

I found a frame and mat similar to the above at Michael's for about $25 on sale and we were set!  I'm not sure how many times we'd flip though a book to see what our friends and family wrote to us, especially years down the line when we have kids and life gets crazy, but with a frame on the wall we'll get to see the names of our friends everyday.

One of my good friends was kind enough to take a picture of Stephen and I so we would have a nice, new one to display for the first time at the wedding.  You know, something that hasn't been seen on Facebook yet.  I'd add it here, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having an unseen picture doesn't it!

We ordered our picture from Costco which was the easiest process ever!  They have a one hour photo center at the location by Stephen's office so he can pick it up on his way home from work.  That's quick service!

We are officially at one week from our wedding day.  Right now, it is 1:40pm as I type this sentence.  We'll either be getting married right now or will be next in line next Friday.  I hope the next 6 days fly by.  

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