Friday, February 17, 2012

Operation: Paint the Bedroom

I haven't posted in a while, I'm so sorry!  Sometimes life happens and I'm too busy.  However, I had to share the newest project at the house - painting the bedroom!

When I first moved into the house we discussed paint colors for the bedroom.  We had decided on a coffee-ish color and got a few samples to put on the wall.  UGLY.  The other decor in the bedroom is too bright for any brown and one of the colors we picked looked like we'd rubbed poop on the walls.  Big fail.  Then it turned into the holidays and painting was put on hold.  Yes, we still have a squared of poop colored paint on the wall.

This past weekend we did a major house cleaning and the bedroom was really cleaned nicely and we even put more stuff on the walls.  The room looks bigger already!  When the cleaning was done Stephen joked that now that all of that was clean I'd have nothing to stress over.  WRONG sir!  :)

I was flipping through a Better Homes & Gardens magazine, a bonus of my job, and I saw a paint color that I immediately fell in love with.  It was a True Value paint called Surfboard.  There isn't a True Value paint store anywhere convenient to the house, so I headed over to The Home Depot to see if there was a paint color similar.  Jackpot!

After playing with quite a few samples I narrowed it down to two samples and brought them home.  Paint on the wall always looks so different than in a can or on a sample card so I wanted to be sure.  What's 2 more random paint squares on the wall?

I spent about 10 min painting a section of the bedroom and I'm soooo happy with our color choice!  We don't have big plans this weekend so I have a feeling I'll start the bedroom painting.  Moving the furniture will stink, but that's why I have a big strong man to help me with the moving.

What do you think?

It's a nice blue-green color that works perfectly with our bright, Nice picture and the colorful bedding.  Our bathroom is an apple green and they work well together (it's similar to the green on the bed).  

Can't wait to share before and after pictures!

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