Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Puppy Update

Goose continues to make us laugh as he tries to figure out how big he really is and how his body moves.  He's such a big boy for 5 months old, he has a lot of learning to do.  We have a chair in our living room that he used to not be able to jump on, when we first brought him home. We'd have to pick his little butt up and help him up to cuddle with us.  He now gets a running start and jumps over the arm of the chair.  Here is the chair and Goose when we first got him, about 4 months old.

Goose is very hard to photograph because he's so dark!
Last night he tried to jump over the back of the chair above and got stuck with his front legs on one side and his hind legs on the other.  Before I could get there to help him, he just rolled off the side and crashed to the floor.  I'm sure if we could see bruises on him, he'd be covered.

Goose is now noticeably larger than Mabel.  He's stronger than her now and their wrestling is much more evenly matched than when she first taught him some moves.

Sorry the picture is so blurry, you try getting both of them to look at the camera.
You can tell from picture #1 to the one above that he's definitely grown in the past month!  Sometimes I feel like he's grown while I was at work.

He is still working out that the outdoors are not a frightening place.  He hates going anywhere off the back deck unless it's into the backyard to go to the bathroom.  If we try to take him in the car or for a walk, it's a tug of war to get him down the steps.  We're not bribing him with food.  It seemed to work on the last car ride.

Mabel is still sweet as can be and is the perfect big sister.  She puts up with a lot of his puppy nonsense.

This is her "please throw the ball" face

Goose is learning to look at the camera, but I'm sure it will be some time before he poses like Mabel does.  

Sunday morning Goose vomited (yes, vomited) on the chair in the top picture.  My gorgeous, huge, expensive chair.  The chair that had I known I'd have two black dogs I would have chosen darker fabric.  I love that chair, so I freaked out.  We're already going to have to have a professional cleaner come into clean the chair and couch, but the stain was starting to smell.  Off the cushion cover went and into the washing machine.  As soon as the water started running in the wash, I noticed the warning on the chair that one mush NEVER remove the covers from the cushions and only have them cleaned professionally.  Perfect.  Well, it was washed and we hung it to dry.  Happily, it's back on the cushion and after a few more days of Goose jumping on it and me curled up with a book, it will be back to normal.  The corners look like they need a little more stuffing to move their way.  

As Goose continues to grow, I'll keep updating the pictures.  I found this canvas below on Pinterest and I can't wait to give it a shot.  

I'll make one for Mabel and one for Goose.  I'll wait until he's full grown and I have a better camera so I can try to get him quickly while he's sitting still.  Click here to see the full tutorial on how to make the painting from The Creativity Exchange blog.  

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