Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Treehouse Restaurant and Pub: Restaurant Review

Source: Treehouse website

I bought a Living Social deal for Treehouse a couple months ago because I love the patio  It's such a great place to have a glass of wine or couple of cold ones with friends so when I saw the deal pop up one day I had to grab it.  Stephen had never been so I was excited to get to share it with him.  The picture above, from their website, is of the restaurant in the winter or fall.  In the warmer months the plastic isn't up on the sides and the roof isn't there.  It is a wide open patio with colorful umbrellas at each table.

We tried to eat at Treehouse twice before we actually got to dine, third time is a charm!  They do not take reservations and the seating is pretty limited for such a fun neighborhood place so it fills up fast.  If you're thinking about a Friday or Saturday night, plan ahead and get there early.  We went on a Monday evening after an afternoon rain shower rolled through and we had no problem getting a table.  We had to wipe off some water from the chairs, but we aren't picky people.

For starters we ordered the mussels, of course.  The server who dropped them off told us we would love them and he was right.  They are served in a Sambuca and cream sauce, new to us, and we soaked up every drop of it after eating all of the mussels.  For the first time, the right amount of bread was brought out to us - plenty!  From there I ordered the Blackened Grouper Reuben and Stephen ordered the English Club Burger.  My Reuben came with a TON of coleslaw on top.  So much so that after the first half I tried to wipe all of it away so I only had the blackened grouper on the bread.  I was disapointed that once I removed the coleslaw the grouper didn't have much flavor and I didn't finish the second half of my sandwich.  Stephen's burger was great and he ate every bite.

We love dining out and it's even better when the service where we are spending our money is great.  This was the case at Treehouse.  The atmosphere is super relaxed and casual and so are the servers.  However they aren't so relaxed that they aren't attentive or responsive.  Every server we saw and interacted with was friendly and had a smile on his or her face.

Another great thing about Treehouse is dogs are allowed on the patio.  While we were there three dogs came out to eat with their humans.  I'm not sure Mabel would enjoy the experience but I think Goose would be easy to eat with since he's so quiet and scared in public.  Silly boy.

Overall, Treehouse was a great experience.  While my meal wasn't my favorite, the atmosphere was great and Stephen's burger was good.  We'll definitely give it another shot and I'll pass on the grouper sandwich.

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