Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Garden Lights Holiday Nights

A few weeks ago we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for the wedding of two friends.  We didn't get to tour much of the gardens but we got a glimpse of the lights that were put up for the holidays and we decided to head back when my sister was in town for Thanksgiving.  

We found a deal for 50% off the admission price on SweetJack and I got tickets for the 3 of us, $10 each.  When we went we noticed that the Groupon discounted tickets weren't good on weekend nights.  That would be a bummer, especially for families with kids.  I'm glad we had the SweetJack deal and were able to go on a Sunday evening.  

The gardens were so pretty.  It definitely made me feel like it was the start of Christmas.  There were twinkle lights in one garden, bumble bees and dragon flies in another, giant Christmas trees of lights and stars hanging  from the giant trees in the garden. 

My favorite part of the park were the Orbs.  I'm not sure what else to call them, but they were awesome.  The colors changed to the Christmas music playing over the speakers.  We stood with them for a few songs. My sister even danced for a few minutes, all by herself.  

There were kids all over the place, it's definitely a kid-friendly holiday outing.  There was even a bar in the back of the garden for the adults.  Great for a date night.  

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  1. We just went on Sunday - wish we had gotten the sweetjack deal!