Monday, November 12, 2012

Skyfall: Movie Review

I'm not a professional movie blogger and I certainly don't go to a lot of movies these days.   This review is my own and I'm sure a bunch of people will disagree with it but here it goes.  I was entertained, but not impressed.

I've never been a huge fan of James Bond movies, they always seem a little corny for me.  I know they're supposed to have a little bit of a *wink* factor, but the writing sometimes makes me roll my eyes or laugh out loud, even in serious scenes.  I thought this movie, while not high on the corny scale, was a bit too slow and at the same time too unrealistic for me.  I miss the Casino Royale James Bond, my favorite Bond film, ever.

The movie opens with a chase, as always.  It was entertaining, but at points it was too obvious that there was a green screen and that ruined the rest of the chase for me.  The end of the chase ended with another agent trying to shoot the bad guy that Bond was wrestling with atop a moving train.  (By this point half the train was missing and it was still going - what are the conductors doing!?)  She took a hard shot, missed and hit Bond.  Instead of taking a 2nd shot, without anyone in her way, she just looked at Bond falling into the water.  That's when I had to tell myself to suspend reality for a bit because it was about to get silly.

There were quite a few other times in the movie when the most unrealistic choice was made and it really bothered me.  I totally understand that Bond films aren't real, no movie is, but come on.  It was also hard for me to look at Ralph Fiennes and not think of Harry Potter.  But I'm sure I'm the only one who had that problem.

While some of the plot didn't sit well with me, the cinematography was outstanding, locations were gorgeous and Daniel Craig never disappoints in a tux.  That's where the entertaining part of the movie comes in.  I was okay sitting there for more than 2 hours because it was a beautiful film, even if I was upset with the plot and storyline.  Did anyone else think the holding cell looked a lot like the one in Avengers?  One of the friends I was with brought that up and I totally agree.  Let's be a little original, Bond.

Javier Bardem was awesome as this movie's villain.  His blonde hair and eyebrows were uber-creepy and his accent was like nothing he's done before.  He's so talented it hurts.

I also noticed that there wasn't much romance in this film and where there was a woman, her romantic connection to Bond was short lived.  It didn't feel like a James Bond movie without a super hot female lead.  Yes, there are women, hot women, in the movie, but none as significant as Vesper Lynd played by Eva Green in Casino Royale.  Maybe James is still getting over the loss...

Ultimately, I give the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars.  Will I see it again?   Nope.  Will I recommend it to friends, only if they are big James Bond fans and they're probably already going to see it.  I have a feeling this is one of those movies who will have a big opening weekend (and it did) but will quickly fall down the charts.  I don't think it will hold the top of the Box Office for long, especially with the big Thanksgiving films coming out soon.  Daniel Craig and the visual aspects of the film from falling down to 2 stars.

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