Monday, November 26, 2012

JCrew Pajamas

A full Thanksgiving weekend post to come soon, but I had to share this first.

There is nothing like shopping with your sister, especially when everything is on sale and she's in the fashion industry.  And not to mention, we're basically the same size.  Lots of fitting room fun and new clothes for both of us.

We went to the mall with a plan.  We may have diverted slightly from that plan when we each purchased this from JCrew:

Yes, it's silly.  Yes, we each bought one.  Yes, we love it.  I wore it to bed last night and it was close to Heaven.  I recommend everyone get an adult onesie.  Bonus - the back has an opening so you don't have to get fully undressed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Click here to the page to buy on JCrew, get it while you still can!

I have a few pictures of me in the little outfit, but it fits just like it does on the model, so I'm not putting dressing room pictures of me on the Internet.  The arm length is perfect (the model has them pushed up) and the legs are a little longer one me than in the picture, which I love.

JCrew did not pay me for this post/review.  I purchased the clothes with my own cash money.

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  1. Amazing post. Also these adult onesie footed pajamas are just the best thing to have ever happened to the fashion world when it comes to nightwear. It's stylish not to mention very comfortable. It's the best way to go to bed in.