Sunday, November 11, 2012

Waterproof Shoes: Chooka Duck Skimmers

I have the cutest rain boots and I love them.  They keep my feet dry in the pouring rain and puddles aren't an obstacle for me when I'm walking down the street to my office.  They have also kept my feet warm and dry on the rare days that we get snow here in Atlanta.  They look cute with jeans and dresses.  I'm obsessed.

Me and my baby blue Hunter boots playing in the snow
While I love my Wellies a lot, they aren't always the most practical.  Some days it's raining and I have a business meeting so I can't wear pants that will fit into my boots.  My work pants don't fit nicely into the boots, so I'm stuck wearing a nice pair of shoes while I run from my parking garage to the building.  Or there are days in the summer when boots just aren't practical.  I hate ruining nice shoes because they get soaked in the few minutes I may be outside in the rain.  Enter my new solution: the Chooka Solid Duck Skimmer.

Chooka Solid Duck Skimmers - black
Aren't they super cute?  Here is where I found them on but a quick google search shows that they are available at multiple online retailers, even DSW.  I like Zappos because they have free, quick shipping both ways. 

The shoes are super light weight and fit my feet perfectly.  I have pretty narrow feet and there aren't any gaps around my foot.  They fit true to size, so I ordered a 10 and they fit perfectly.  Because they are light weight it hardly feels like I'm wearing shoes at all.  

They are made of rubber, all the way around, so they are completely water proof.  Now I can wear shoes that I don't have to worry about in the water on rainy days.  I'm not putting up my boots, but these will be more practical in some cases.

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