Sunday, November 11, 2012

X3 Sports Fast Track Class

Living Social had a deal for unlimited classes for a month at the X3 Sports gym and we bit the bullet and each of us bought the deal.  We consider ourselves semi-in shape.  We run occasionally (more in the summer than fall) and we can get ready for a 10k in a few short weeks.  But we don't really work out, so we decided it was time to kick our butts and take a few classes.

Our deal gives us access to three of the classes offered at the gym - Kickboxing, Boxing or Fast Track, which is like a boot camp class.  Because we don't have gloves that we'd need to use for boxing or kickboxing so we signed up for a Fast Track class on Saturday.

The class had about 20 people once everyone was there.  We started with some warm ups running down the length of the Fast Track space of the gym and then it was time for some ab and leg work.  Squats are my enemy.  Oh my gosh.  I wrote out the words, oh my gosh.  I haven't worked my legs that hard since high school volleyball camp, and I was in shape back then.  I think we did a total of 200 squats with weights, countless lunges, about 40 flights of stairs and running.  Then we still had abs and arms to work on, too.

We were a little sore yesterday, but today is out of control.  If there was a fire and we had to run out the front of our house, down the stairs, we'd probably die.  We move slower than a 85-year-old lady with a cane when we go down stairs.

The class was hard, it worked every muscle in my body.  When we were doing our cool down jog I didn't think I would be able to move 10 more feet but after I had cooled down and had some water, I didn't feel too bad.  It was a good pain.  We won't be able to go back to the class tomorrow night, but we're going to shoot for Tuesday night.  We have 30 days at the gym and I want to try to go to at least 10 classes in that time.  Two dollars a class is a pretty sweet deal.

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