Friday, March 30, 2012

Souper Jenny Grilled Cheese Night: Restaurant Review

If anyone has asked me my favorite lunch place in Atlanta I have answered Souper Jenny.

I was first introduced to Souper Jenny my first year in Atlanta and I've been obsessed for the past 8 years.  I love the daily menu, the cozy atmosphere inside the restaurant and the food.  OMG the food.  I haven't had a single thing there, in 8 years, that I didn't absolutely love.  Jenny (because I assume she's there every day, I like to think that at least) serves a variety of soups every day along with 2 or 3 sandwich options and one or two salad options.  For lunch you can do the lunch special and make your own combo.  I love it.  CASH only people!  On a cold day nothing is better than the Everything Veggie soup which is my all-time favorite.

While I've been going to Souper Jenny for years for lunch I've never been for Grilled Cheese Night.  Thursday nights are the only night that the restaurant is open when they serve grilled cheese sandwiches with their soups.  I've been dying to get there on a Thursday night and last night we FINALLY made it.

Of course I got the Everything Veggie soup and added their fancy grilled cheese sandwich for the night, two cheeses with slices of pepperoni with a bit of marinara for dipping.  Stephen got the chili soup and our other friend got the tomato soup.  Every single one was delicious.  I could have sat there and dined for years.  Stephen even made the comment, "well, we don't have to worry about what to cook for dinner on Thursday nights anymore, we're always coming to Souper Jenny."  I couldn't agree more.  Another great thing about Souper Jenny, most of the soups are guilt free!  She even notes Weight Watchers points if you need to track those.  The cooler is also filled with plenty of gluten free desserts to take home.

On a regular day, during lunch, there is normally a line out the building and it's difficult to find a table.  (TIP: get there early or after 1:00 if you don't have time to wait in line.)  Thursday night it wasn't crowded and we didn't have to wait in line behind more than 2 other guests.  The staff, as always, was cheerful and very helpful.  Without the line out the door we had a chance to talk to the two behind the counter and they were FANTASTIC.  They are there every Thursday and I can't wait until next week to go back.

The biggest surprise for Grilled Cheese Night was the all you can eat Smores!!  For $10 look at what you can get:

This was plenty to feed the 3 of us (when the pictures was taken, we'd already make a few smores - we couldn't resist!).   It was the perfect dessert for the perfect meal.  Why don't more restaurants do this?  Screw fondue, this was SO much better.  We cleaned each plate that was in front of us - all the soups, each sandwich and then all of the smores.  We were offered a refill on some of the smore items, but we definitely didn't need more so we declined.

Souper Jenny's owner, Jenny Levison, has recently opened a second restaurant in Buckhead - Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic.  I can't wait to get there,  I hear it's amazing.  It was even mentioned in this month's Southern Living Magazine!

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