Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surprises at Victoria's Secret

For Christmas my dad and step-mom gave each of us a $25 gift card to Victoria's Secret.  I'm not a frequent shopper of the store, but I love when I get gift cards and I can go stock up on the 5 for $25 undies.

I had some time to kill last night before meeting friends for dinner and stopped in to VS - surprise, they have Atlanta Braves clothing and accessories!!  WHAT that WHAT???  T-shirts, panties, sweatpants and sweatshirts.  Basically everything I want before the start of the season in a few weeks.  I knew they had college teams (I have a UF shirt) but MLB is new to me!

Source: Victoria's Secret website

The website doesn't have everything that's available in the stores, sadly, so I can't link to a picture of what I bought.  With my gift card I got the most important thing - a Braves over the shoulder purse.  I love having accessories for the teams I love.  I've had my Gator purse since I was in college and I take it to every game and to the bars when I watch games.  I'm beyond excited to have a Braves purse now.  It's Braves blue with a shiny Braves' A on the front.  (Same colors as the shirt above.) The purse is 100% cotton.  The adjustable strap is perfect for a tall girl like me.  It hits just below my hip when it's across my body, over the shoulder - perfect.

With the amount of games I plan to attend this year it was a great purchase.  It was $29.

Source: Victoria's Secret website

I'm not so sure I need these... but with the amount of love that Stephen has for the Braves, these might be a fun surprise.

They have a deal with the MLB and have all the teams available online where you can shop by team.  Check out what they have for your team!

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