Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring weather is here!

It's finally the great time in Atlanta the comes around each year - Spring.  The temperature isn't too hot and the flowers are starting to bloom.  The sidewalks in parks are filling up with runners and dogs.  Grills are uncovered and put to work.  I love Spring.

Mabel loves Spring weather too!  Look at that smile!!

Now that it's Spring, my desire for crafting has taken a nose dive.  It wasn't planned, but I'm ready to be outside!  If I have a free 2 hours, I want to be soaking up some sun.  Hibernation is over.  I have a feeling posts for the next few months won't be about new crafts, but more about what we're doing outdoors.

HOWEVER - Saturday night we finally caught up to the season finale of The Walking Dead, Season 2.  I struggled through most of the season, even skipping two episodes.  The plot was so worn out and the characters were making horrible decisions.  I'm looking at you Lori.  Season 1 was spent on the edge of my seat, I couldn't wait for parts for Season 2 episodes to end.  I heard for a full week how great the season finale was for Season 2, we had to watch.

Yes, the zombies made a comeback in a big way.  The way we had been thinking it would happen!  They spend months at this farm, long enough for Carl to heal and a million other things to happen, but they never decided to build a big wall around the property.  I thought it was pretty realistic that eventually the horde of zombies would reach the farm.  What else do they have to do besides walk around and look for food?  That the characters in the show didn't think about that... who knows.  Yes, they had scouts, but what was their plan if more than one walker came to the farm?  They didn't have one.

Shane's death - totally justified.  If Rick was trying to save his life, and Shane was definitely going to try to kill him, Rick was just doing what any rational person would have done.  Why in the Hell was Lori so pissed?  Didn't she say that something had to be done about Shane?  Didn't she talk to Rick about how worried she was?  Then he does something, saving his own life, and she can't look at him.  Lori - get a life.  Or let a zombie eat you.  You're not helping any situation.  First, you get pregnant during a zombie apocalypse, you leave the farm, alone, without knowing where you're going and you crash a perfectly good car and THEN you fuel the fire between Rick and Shane and you're pissed when it blows up.  I'd stop watching just so I don't have to see her again.

Then, the whole gang meets back up on the highway.  How did 3 cars get there at the EXACT same time when they had all fled in different directions in the middle of the night?

I am excited about next season, it keeps sucking me in.  Did you see that giant fortress?  What about the lady with the zombie slaves??  I'll tune in to the first episode at least.

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