Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Braves' Season Has Come to an End

Stephen and I made it through our first baseball season as a couple.  We met at a tailgate for the home opener and last night the Braves ended their season in the 13th inning against the Phillies.  The Braves have been a very important part of our relationship so far, and I plan on them being there every year to come.  We are both big fans, we pass Turner Field every day to and from work and we can hear the large crowds from the house during a big game.  I can't even count the number of games that we attended together this year - but I know that each one has been special, we were there together, watching a team we both love.

A few weeks ago it looked like the Braves were on their way to the Post-Season.  We were 12 games up in the Wild Card race, we were on a winning streak, Uggla was hitting well, our pitching staff looked great - nothing could stop us.  Then we lost something like 17 of the last 25 games.  The Cardinals passed us to clinch a spot in the play offs last night with our loss and their complete domination in their game.  Braves fans seem to be in shock today.  How did we really let that go?  The Braves started selling Play-off tickets weeks ago.  I wonder how all of those people feel this morning after a 13-inning loss.

The season is over, but that doesn't mean doom and gloom until next April.  Stephen and I talked about all the good things that come out of the end of the season:

  • We don't have to keep track of baseball scores every night!
  • We can now devote all of our focus to football (Go Gators!)
  • No more game day traffic after work
  • We can work out in the evenings and not miss the game
  • The young, Braves pitchers can use this as a learning experience.  How we look in August doesn't matter if you drop the ball in September
  • Our new coaching staff can learn from this an hopefully have a new way of motivating the team after 125+ games next season
But I am sad the season is over - I'll miss sitting in the stadium on a perfect evening, under the stadium lights, cheering for every hit, with my love.  Let the countdown begin for the start of the 2012 season.  

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