Friday, September 23, 2011

I've been slacking

Here is the problem with moving: it consumes every single non-working moment until it's done.  Weekends are split between packing boxes, unpacking boxes, trying to rearrange the house to fit the unpacked belongings and trying to fit some fun into the days.  Work nights are no different.  As my dad says, "When you move, you end up touching everything you own, twice."

I haven't had much time to try anything new, unless you count slowly moving in with my wonderful boyfriend AND taking care of two dogs that can't play together.  I haven't had much time to research and try new things.

Tomorrow I'm taking Sheena, the pit bull, to Auburn, AL to meet and introduce her to a potential family.   Hopefully I'll be driving back from Alabama down one dog.  Please say some prayers.

If I can get all of the stuff that's in my apartment that fits into my car from the apartment to the house this weekend - next week I'll get back to doing more exciting things.  Thanks for staying tuned!

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