Friday, September 30, 2011

Caribou Coffee - Grown-up Grilled Cheese

There is a Caribou Coffee in the food court in my office building.  I'm a frequent visitor.  Basically everyday close to 3:00 I head downstairs with one or two girls from the office.  There is nothing like a mid-afternoon coffee break to get you though the last 3 hours of the day.

We participated in their summer 'buy 7 get one free' deal and got two free drinks.  The ladies behind the counter are beginning to know my name and what I want.  And they know when to expect us to show up.  There is also a Starbucks in the building but they don't participate in the fun promotions that all other Starbucks Coffees do and their people aren't as nice.  Take that Starbucks, I'm drinking my coffee from Caribou.

The new offering at Caribou is their Grown-up Grilled Cheese sandwiches.  Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich?  NOBODY.  They are the 2nd easiest sandwich to make, behind a PB&J, and far more satisfying.  Well Caribou has taken it to another level.

There are 4 options of grilled cheese

  1. Three Cheese Classic with cheddar, Monterey Jack and fontina cheese
  2. Gouda Turkey Pesto
  3. Italian Chicken Melt
  4. Aged Cheddar Roast
I went with the Gouda Turkey Pesto.  Carrying it back to the office in the bag was torture, it smelled so good.  I wasn't disappointed with the sandwich in any way.  It could have been a disaster, being made at a coffee counter, but it was the opposite of a disaster, it was a grilled cheese masterpiece.  The perfect amount of each ingredient and no secret additions.  Just goodness all around.

On Fridays they have a 1/2 off deal at our location.  You know where to find me.  

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