Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night after date night at the gun range (more on that later) I headed over to a restaurant in the Highlands that I've been wanting to try for a long time, Rosebud, with Stephen, Jessica and Richard.  It is located across the street from the Yoforia that Stephen and I hit up about once a week and I've been asking to go forever.

We arrived around 8:00 and the place was pretty packed.  We were lucky there was a table for us, in the future we'll make a reservation to make sure.  It feels a little bit like Parish in Inman Park, but more country vs Cajun. There are walls of exposed brick, a big iron pig at the front window (we named it Rosebud), a pretty big bar and tons of little rooms.  I was surprised at how big the place was.  I'm pretty sure there is a patio too, but it was the first chilly night last night so we didn't venture that way.

The beer, wine and cocktail list is impressive, we each ordered a drink and then we ordered our food.   The menu isn't extensive but each of us found several entrees that we wanted.  They have set specials for every night of the week and that's what I focused on.  Last night's special was Spaghetti with Lobster Meatballs.  YES PLEASE!  To hold the meatballs together they used some sort of scallop paste.  It was delicious.  Stephen went with the shrimp and grits and almost licked the casserole dish clean.  Yep, his meal came out in a full casserole dish.  Speaking of presentation, everything was beautiful.  Richard and Jessica both got a chicken sandwich and there wasn't much left of either of those when the check came.

Rosebud isn't a cheap date, and it's not overly priced at all, but well worth the cost of the food.  My meal had lobster meatballs and was less than $20.

I can't wait for an official date night so I can ask to head back to Rosebud :)

Are you still wondering about date night at the gun range?  Here's the deal:

QuickShot Indoor Range near Emory has date night on Thursday night where two people shoot for the price of one.  Shooting can be expensive if you have to buy the range's ammo, so this is a deal!  Gun rental and your eyes and ears are included in the cost.  They get ya with the ammo cost.  The four of us went to shoot, Jess and I shot my .38 special and the boys shot their guns.  I liked sharing with another girl - less pressure.  My accuracy is getting better.  Practice makes perfect!

QuickShot is also the only indoor range inside the perimeter - bonus!  Bonus 2x - homemade cookies.

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