Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie Review: Crazy Heart

Again, I seem to be about a year behind on last year's big winners at the Oscars.  But it makes managing a Netflix queue easier when you spread out all the really good movies.

Crazy Heart is the story of old, washed up country singer Bad Blake.  He's in his late 50s and he's driving his beat up truck all around New Mexico, Texas and Arizona playing sets in bowling alleys and run down bars.  He's an alcoholic and slowly, his life seems to be killing him.  He meets a young beauty played by Maggie Gyllenhaal and she changes his life.

The movie is fantastically acted - when has Jeff or Maggie ever disappointed? - the singing by Jeff is unreal and the story, while familiar, is fresh.  It's painful to watch what Bad Blake does to himself everyday and my heart ached for him several times during the film.  Part of me wanted to jump through the screen and slap him and tell him to shape up!

It's a movie about real life and how the paths of two people can intertwine and change their futures.  Definitely worth watching.  4 out of 5 starts from Katie.

On to other news:

Today is September 1.  In one month, just 30 days, I'll be officially moved into Stephen's house.  I've already moved close to 7 or 8 boxes and unpacked most of them.  I like that I'm slowly moving in so it doesn't feel like I'm taking over the house like it would if I moved all of my stuff in in just one day.  With things already unpacked and up on the walls in some rooms it's already beginning to feel like my place as well.

We have a jam packed weekend ahead of us, our favorite kind of weekend, but no plans for Monday yet. I want to start moving in some clothes, even if just my winter clothes.  Moving clothes is always such a pain in the butt.  It feels so good to be moving in.  How's that for something I've never done!

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