Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Movie Review

I'll watch any movie with Ryan Gosling.  Period.  If someone rented that movie where he had a blow up doll girlfriend, I'd give him 2 hours of my time to watch.  I loved him in The Notebook, Blue Valentine, Murder By Numbers - any movie he's been a part of.  Please note I said I loved HIM in those movies, not necessarily the movie.

Crazy, Stupid, Love falls into that category.  The acting was great, by all actors, but the movie left me feeling depressed and uneasy.  I know not all movies are exactly like their previews, but I expected this movie to be a lot funnier than it was.  There were definitely some funny moments and lines, but I wouldn't classify it as a comedy in any way.

The movie focuses on Steve Carell's character, Cal Weaver, whose wife just told him she wants a divorce and she had an affair with a man at work.  He moves out of the beautiful family home he shares with his wife and two kids into a crappy apartment and starts frequenting a bar for something to do.  There he sees Ryan Gosling's character, Jacob Palmer, the lady's man.  Jacob decides to help Cal find his inner hot man and trains him in his womanizing ways.

There is also the side stories of Cal's kids and their babysitter and soon to be lawyer, Hannah, who is dating the absolute wrong guy for her.

All of the story lines show viewers how crazy love it and how it can really mess you up or on the flip side, fix you if you find the right person.

Being a child of divorced parents and having gone through a divorce myself at a very young age, I may be too sensitive to movies that are based on a divorce, but nothing about the movie, even the semi-happy ending made me feel like everything would be okay.  I looked to Stephen mid-way through the movie and told him that nothing happening in the movie would ever happen to us.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a fantastic movie, but be warned, it's not a comedy.

On a side note - it was the first movie we watched on our brand new, super awesome 42" flat screen TV! It hadn't been mounted to the wall yet so we had it set up in the bedroom.  It was awesome to have such a great TV in the bedroom, but it won't last.  I'm a big believer in not having a TV in the bedroom.  That's your room for sleeping, spending time with your significant other and relaxing.  Maybe when I have kids I'll change my mind, but for now, now TV in the bedroom.

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