Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home for Christmas

Home is a lovely 7 hour drive away in Orlando.  This year I made the drive with Mabel.  Just two girls on the open road (or busy I-75).

She was pretty good on the way down, but didn't understand why she couldn't lay on my lap during the drive.  That got frustrating.  But once she got it she took a nice little nap.  Our first stop was to visit our friends and their dog, Peej.  Peej is close to 90 lbs and when I was home last year for New Years Eve he was just a tiny little puppy.  My, things change in a year!

Here are the two new, best friends hanging out.  He is so much bigger than she is, but she was so much faster outside in the backyard.  Peej was a gentledog and let Mabel use his bed and his chew toys, what a good boy!  I wish they all lived closer so we could get together.  They are our parallel relationship couple.  Having dogs that get along makes it even more perfect.

Mabel stayed at my mom's while I stayed with my dad with the rest of the sisters and family.  That house already has a dog and we chose not to complicate things any more than they were already.  She LOVED my mom's house. There were tons of toys and unlimited walks.  I brought home a very sleepy puppy yesterday afternoon.

Time at my dad's house was perfect.  My sisters was home from NYC and Austin and the sister who lives in town was home with her husband.  It was so great to have the whole family together under one roof.  I told my dad and step-mom after we had opened our presents how lucky I am to have such a great family.  When I was little I used to wish in all fountains or wishing wells for a brother and more sisters.  Well, my wish finally came true, just 20+ years later.  It's going to be so much fun for our family to grow in the next couple of years!

The big surprise for the trip home was that we all (except one of the sisters because she got a new MacBook Air) got iPad 2s!!!!  WHAT?  ARE THE PARENTS FOR REAL??  I've spent just an hour or so playing with it and now we have to get wifi at the house.  To me it seems like it's just a big iPhone, which I already have.  BUT I can now watch TV shows and read magazines in beautiful color.  People at work are saying that it will replace my Kindle.  I could see that happening, but I love my Kindle.  There is a Kindle App for the iPad, so all of my Amazon purchases still work but now I don't need a light to read at night.  I'll keep you posted.

I did notice that with such a large family, there never seems to be a bit of down time.  When I talked about what I'd be doing while I was home, it sounded like I'd have plenty of time to meet up with friends and relax.  I didn't get any of that!  I'm totally exhausted from the trip!  I need a vacation from my vacation.  Good thing San Diego is only two days away.  Our plan for the next two nights is to do a little as possible, that includes cooking.

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