Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gator Football 2012

It's football season, thank God.  Finally.  Eight months is a long time to wait for football.  I try to make it home to at least one football game each year and this year we were able to get tickets to the first game of the season against Bowling Green.

My favorite 1.3 acres
There were a few firsts this game - there were entire sections that were empty, they announced that there are seats available for home games, our seats were actually really good seats and, lastly, there were points in the opening game that I didn't know if we'd come out victorious.  It's a frightening feeling.

It was very, very hot. We loved each and every cloud, especially when they are that pretty.
We're not going to be very good this year, so I have a feeling if I want to go home to another game I won't have a problem finding tickets.  Sad.

Me and my super handsome husband (ignore the sweat)

Me and my Daddy

The who group!  Lots of love in this photo.
Regardless how this season turns out, I'm a Gator fan through and through.  I bleed Orange and Blue.  I'll be there next season, cheering just as loud.  And maybe a bad season means we can get season tickets next year!

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  1. Great seeing you there! We have season tickets, and I have a feeling it's going to be a long, tough season. In all kinds of weather, right?!