Sunday, September 16, 2012

Puppy Update - Goose is 7 months old!

I had to take both pups to the vet for a booster shot for their K-9 Influenza shot.  (Don't get me started on all the new shots they needed this year in GA.)  I was VERY nervous about having to take both of them to the vet and get them inside alone.  Let's just say that when excited (Mabel) and scared (Goose) trying to control both of them is very difficult.

Goose and Mabel.  They'll both sit still for about 3 seconds for a treat.  I have about 20 out takes trying to get this one shot.  Mabel's smile is my all time favorite smile.
The pups are taken care of by Ark Animal Hospital on 14th Street in Midtown and we love them.  Goose lived there for a few weeks before we found him to adopt, so the staff love him there.  Mabel is happy where ever she is.
This is Sleepy Mabel.  She looks sad, but she's in her spot on the sofa between me and Stephen, she's super happy, just sleepy-face.
After my exciting morning, Goose's leash did slip out of my hands for a quick second and he ran to the car and sat right by the door (God bless), I decided it would be a fun time for a dog update.  Nothing has really changed much with Mable, she's the sweetest, smartest, most mischievous dog I know.  Her muzzle is getting a little bit more grey, but I'll blame her baby brother for that one.  She's the best big sister, always making sure Goose is doing what he should be doing.  She's even started licking his face which he seems to love.

Goose continues to grow, everyday.  There are times when we come home from work and he looks bitter than he did that morning.  I had them weigh him at the vet's office today, he's a solid 54 lbs.  He's a big boy! When we got him he was less than 35 lbs, Mabel's weight.  He may be a big boy, but he's 100% still puppy. He's a total goof and loves to play.  The minute the sun comes up it's play time.  He's started barking at people walking past the house and he sounds pretty scary.  That is until someone looks at him or walks directly in front of the front staircase  - then he takes off running for the back of the house.  He's pretty much a big, puppy wuss.

Look at those beautiful puppy eyes.
Goose is bigger than Mabel now and loves to play with her.  He's also learning to play fetch and how to catch a ball.  He's super quick and very smart.  I'm so proud of my baby boy.

Sitting so pretty.  When Goose wants something he knows he has to sit.  Sometimes we find him just sitting by the water bowl.

Or we find him sitting on the couch to get our attention.  Just before I took this picture he was looking right at me, waiting for a hug.  He loves to hug.

Goose also loves his toys.  All of them, at once.  Mabel must have had the ball, so Goose hoarded the other ones.
 I love my little babies.  Stephen has been out of town for 4 nights and they have loved all the extra room in the bed.  Typically, one of them gets a spot on the bed and the other takes his/her spot on the dog bed in the room.  Sometimes we wake up and their both squished into the bed with us.  They are helping my case for a king size bed.


  1. Love your pups! I am also campaigning for a king size bed..before we get another dog! :)

    1. Thanks, we think they're pretty special. I 100% recommend a larger bed. The dogs can have one half and adults can have the other - much better than dogs in the middle. :)