Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I'm not sure how I came across this website, but I think it was a Facebook post by a friend.  I'm a huge fan of comedy and I think Jerry Seinfeld is a genius.  Enter Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  Basically it's a series of shows that are released weekly where you join Jerry for coffee and breakfast with one of his comedian friends.  Episodes are released every Thursday, so there is a new one releasing today with Michael Richards, his co-star on Seinfeld.

source: website
Each week he has a new car to drive and he picks up his friend at their home.  Cameras are in the car with them as they drive to the coffee shop/restaurant and a camera crew joins them for their meal.

You can watch all of the videos on the website or you can watch them on Crackle.  We watch on Crackle because it plays through our Roku at home and into our big screen TV.  The downside of watching on Crackle is that we don't get the bonus footage, what they call Spare Parts. They also have a Facebook page that you can like that will link to new videos.

It's so interesting to see Jerry as himself and the interactions he has with his friends.  You can tell that he genuinely likes these people and I love how easy it seems to make him laugh.  Sometimes I find myself laughing at him laughing more than I'm laughing at the joke.

I think my favorite episode so far is when Carl Reiner is his guest and Carl introduces Jerry to Mel Brooks.  You can see how excited Jerry is to meet Mel and it's great to watch these comedic geniuses discuss the business.

There are 9 episodes so far, this week's will be the 10th, and I've watched every one of them.  I'm fascinated.  So far, Jerry has dined with:

  1. Larry David (they worked together on Seinfeld)
  2. Ricky Gervais (one of the funniest car scenes ever)
  3. Brian Regan (freaking hilarious man)
  4. Alec Baldwin (how crazy would it be to see them eating together)
  5. Joel Hodgson (new comedian to me)
  6. Bob Einstein (LOVE him.  I saw him on Arrested Development but didn't know he was so much more than the small part he played)
  7. Barry Marder
  8. Colin Quinn and Mario Joyner (Colin is beyond funny and Mario was a new introduction to me, but I'm a huge fan now)
  9. Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks

Check it out, sit back and laugh a little bit.

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