Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just call me Team Mom

Last night, after the crazy rain blew through the city, Stephen had a soccer game at 10:15pm.  Yikes that's late.  As I've said, I love going to the games and boy was last night's game a good one!  The ref was pretty bad and wasn't calling any penalties, so the guys were getting very aggressive.  I didn't want anyone to get hurt, but the extra pushing and shoving made the game more exciting for us four ladies there to watch the game.

After the game I supplied orange slices and capri sun drink packs to the team.  What a hit!  It was fun to do something for the guys.  I never played a sport with a lot of running, so having orange slices at the end of a game is new to me - but they were delish at 11:30pm!

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