Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sleep over with Mabel!

Last night was the first night that Mabel slept at my place.  When Stephen would sleep at my house, poor Mabel would have to stay home all by herself.  I always felt so bad and then Stephen would have to leave early in the morning.

Sunday after Mabel's surgery we bought her a bed and a few toys so she'd feel at home at my place.  Mabel did great!  She definitely wanted to get up in the bed, but she's not allowed on the furniture at my place.  Black fur and my light colored furniture don't mix well.  She wasn't too happy with that new rule.  But she found her little bed and slept most of the night.

Mabel showing off her bed and new toys this morning

The cutest part of her being at my place is the "click click click" her nails make on the hardwood floor.

Sometimes being closer to Dad is better than the doggie bed...

I'm looking forward to many more nights with Mabes at my place.

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