Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Dekalb Farmers Market

Before I get into the Farmers Market discussion, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Half Christmas.  Saturday was June 25, Half Christmas, so some of Stephen's friends threw a party to celebrate.  (Any excuse for a party is a good excuse!)  This wasn't just a "come over and drink some beer party" they wen't ALL OUT.  Front yard decorations, three fully decorated trees in the house, White Elephant game, Christmas music, Christmas cookies and Christmas sweaters.

This picture might just end up being our Christmas card photo this year (if we decided to send them out).  How funny!!  Yes, I know what you're thinking, we were HOT.  It was 90 degrees outside, so I'm wearing shorts.  

If you're a reader of the blog (thank you!!) you know that I love to cook and Stephen loves it as much or maybe more than I do. We love fresh ingredients and hate boxed foods.  Put on top of that our desire to get in shape and run more, we need to eat healthy.  Stephen came up with the idea to start planning our meals out for the week (which I love to do and do as much as I possibly can already) and then hit up the Dekalb Farmers Market for all of our produce items.  Sounds good, right?  

I've been to a Farmers Market, remember the Piedmont Park Farmers market on Saturdays, so I was expecting the Dekalb market to be similar.  Holy cow was I wrong.  The Dekalb market is huge and located in a giant, permanent warehouse.  The selection inside was mind blowing.  We were like little kids walking around looking at stuff.  There were so many items that I'd never even seen before - I can't wait to go back.  The wall of flours was one of my favorite stops - every type of flour you could imagine, and then more! We bought stuff for salads for the week - romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, feta cheese - and a few other fun items - organic flour, spices, bananas - all for $25.  Unreal.  The spices alone were worth the trip.  When we got home we made 4 giant salads for lunches this week. (I'm traveling tomorrow so I won't need one and we both have off work on Friday so we didn't need more than we made.)

This weekend being a holiday weekend we'll probably skip the big trip but we'll start soon.  I'll keep you posted.  To make it more fun and to learn more about cooking, I want to pick up a new ingredient each week that neither of us have ever cooked with before.  Believe me, there's plenty to choose from.  They have FULL barracuda!  What do you do with barracuda?  I'll be spending a lot of time learning about seafood. 

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