Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last night I got home from work and was able to start reading the 2nd book in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series (Game of Thrones).  I'm still shocked that I'm reading a fantasy series, but it's not as far out there as Lord of the Rings or something like that, so I'm okay.  At least it isn't yet.

Later in the evening Stephen called with plans to head out to Bocado with a friend so the friend could test out the place as an option for a date night.  First off, I'm glad he's thinking far enough in advance to test out a place or two before taking a date out.   Bocado is a pretty trendy place.  The decor is very modern and open with low back chairs at the bar and a lot of white.  There is the main dining room with multiple tables, a long bar and a patio with a few more tables.

The drink menu is extensive and not a single drink on the cocktail menu was familiar to me.  Between the three of us we tried 5 different cocktails and each was very distinct and delicious.  Some of them even have egg whites...really?  The dinner menu leaves a lot to be desired.  If you're heading there for dinner, check out the dinner menu before you go so aren't looking for more options.  The cocktail menu is longer than the dinner menu.  There is a larger variety of small plates, but be prepared that Bocodo seems like a place for drinks, not eating.  The drink prices were pretty reasonable for a trendy place.  About $10 for a cocktail and $6 or $7 for a beer.

Not sure if I'll head back, but I will say it was quiet enough to be able to talk to your friends while drinking.

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