Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Car Mechanic...baby steps

So, work continues to consume my life right now which means posts are coming a little slower than usual.  It saddens me, but believe me, I'm still sticking to my new thing every day!

7/8 - Went out in Decatur to Raging Burrito and Twain's
7/9 - Learned how to fix a few things on my car.   Sang in front of people
7/10 - Watched Super 8
7/11 - Watched Inside Man

Quick notes on each of these:

Raging Burrito and Twain's
Decatur is so cute.  We drive through downtown Decatur to go to the farmers market every week and last week I wanted to see more of it.  We got a group together for dinner and drinking.  It was a great night.  Dinner was great and the drinks were strong at Raging Burrito - nothing I'll ever complain about! I had two tacos, the fish taco and the veggie.  Be warned - the veggie taco is SPICY!  I passed that on to Stephen and stuck to the chips and dip.  Their salsa is not your typical salsa either - trust me, try it.  Once the rain started it was off to Twain's for some drinks and bar games.  Jessica and I dominated on the shuffleboard table.  18-6.

I'm a car mechanic, sort of
My car needed new wind shield wipers and a new engine air filter and new cabin air filter.  All of those things sound like things I should know how to do.  And now I do.  The most difficult thing was the engine air filter, there were lots of screws and if they gave Stephen some trouble, they will give me some trouble in the future too - but at least I know what I'm doing now.  And the cabin air filter, easier than changing the wipers!  I can't wait to go to a body shop one day and ask how much they'll charge me to change it just so I know how much I saved.


Super 8 - it was almost like someone wanted to try to recreate ET and pull in some of the modern "alien/monster" movie trends.  I didn't really pay attention to the previews and I should have.  With the main characters in middle school, the acting was at that level and the jokes, too.  Nothing scary, nothing shocking or life changing.  It just made my Sunday night a late night.  The main female in the movie was played by Dakota Fanning's younger sister, Elle.  Acting must be genetic.  She was great.

Inside Man - I give the movie a solid 3 out of 5 stars.  Interesting concept but haven't we all seen "the perfect bank robbery"?  Sometimes it amazes me that more actual criminals don't try the tactics in movies.  Denzel Washington was good, but nothing will ever live up to his acting in Man on Fire.  (Now you're thinking about Dakota Fanning again aren't you... twice in one post!)  It was awesome to see Christopher Plummer still acting.  He was the father in The Sound of Music.  He's still a good looking man and I really wanted him to break out into song... interesting that the 2nd movie I've ever seen him in, in this one he was friends with Nazis.

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