Friday, July 29, 2011


Walking through Publix with Stephen we noticed this fine gem:

Why have I never seen this before?!  I love wine.  I love chocolate.  This seems perfect.  With dinner, a little rotisserie with mac n cheese, we each tried the ChocoVine.  Not too bad!  It's pretty close to a white Russian if you've ever had one of those.

When we were in line to purchase our food for the evening the girl in front of us and the guy behind us each had comments to make about our wine selection. He said it was awful, she said it burned going down.  I think they're crazy.  I won't drink a bottle of it like I could a nice red wine because it's pretty thick, but it's nice with a dessert!

The next day at the Farmer's Market we saw the bottle again - but with sisters and brothers in other flavors!  I'll let you know if we end up trying other options.  Regular wine is fine with me, chocolate might be our only special selection.

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