Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night was the Rihanna concert at Chastain Amphitheater - you know I was there.  I've been listening to Rihanna (or dancing really) for years.

I'm not going to lie, when I first said yes to the tickets I was a little worried about the crowd that would show up.  I mean, come on, we have shootings at Piedmont Park when they're showing Sixteen Candles at Screen on the Green.  But there was nothing to worry about.  The crowd was actually a lot of women around my age.  Our group actually got upgraded tickets for the show.  BONUS!  Not such a bonus - it was close to 100 degrees with the humidity and number of people in the outdoor amphitheater.  But we got through it.

The show was one hit after another.  There was only one or two songs that she sang that I didn't recognize and she didn't play SOS.  The rest of the songs were fabulous.  By the end of the show she was sweating more than we were in the audience.  She also had 8 wardrobe changes.

When I'm gross and sweaty, say after a run, or wet from the pool in a bathing suit, there is nothing quick about getting clothes off and getting a new, dry outfit on.  I don't know how she changed so many times, and so fast.  Way to go Rihanna.

As I mentioned it was hot, very hot.  But, ladies at the concert, just because it's hot doesn't mean you can forget to act like a lady - or not dress like one.

Great picture of me and Kristen, until you look to the girl behind us.  Classy.

Side boob and basically no back to the "dress" either.  You know how I know I'm old - I was appalled by most of the young girl's outfits.

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