Friday, July 22, 2011

New Roommate?

I'm not going to try to hide anything, I stay at Stephen's house most nights.  The other nights we're at my house.  That's just how it is.  I'm not shy or ashamed.  I think it makes our love stronger.  Because I'm there so much I'm now taking part of some of the house chores, cleaning dishes, making the bed, making dinner, letting the dog out, etc.  Last night was night with just the two of us and Mabel doing regular things around the house.  Stephen washed the dog, cleaned the bathroom, we did laundry, we went to Target and Petco and then came back to the house to grill and watch a movie.  Basically the exact night that I needed.  It was nice.

I'm not the only one who has started staying nights at Stephen's.  We have a little friend that joins us at sundown every night, here is a picture of one of his cousins:

This is a furrow spider.  They aren't venomous and are not threat to humans.  Our little guy makes a giant web on the outside of the kitchen window and we get to watch him every night.  His body is about the size of a dime, maybe a little smaller.  His web is a classic web, like Charlotte's.  The kitchen light is left on all night so our little furrow spider is a smart one.  He knows the bugs will be drawn to the window and there he is to catch them in his web.  It's fascinating to see him catch something.

I first noticed our roommate a few weeks ago and he frightened me because I thought I'd see him in the daylight... nope.  He goes somewhere by the time we leave for work in the morning.  The web isn't in the window either.  (Honestly, I don't want to know where he goes, I think it's better I only see him through the window.)  I did some research on our friend and they die every November because they can't make it through the winters.  Stephen wants to catch him and keep him inside so he can live longer.  Hell to the no.  He also wants to feed him by throwing moths at the web.  I like our friend, he's extremely interesting, but he's just the right size.  I'm not interested in making him any larger than he is.  But if he wants to eat the mosquitos around the house, he can stay as long as he wants to stay.

Welcome to the house, Mr Furrow Spider.  Name ideas?  He should have a name. I said Mia Farrow.

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