Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fresh Ingredients are the Best

I'm a day late in posting this update, but hey, a day late is better than nothing at all, right!?

Tuesday night Stephen and I headed back to the Farmers Market to do our week's grocery shopping.  We picked up the usual lunch salad items and then enough food for 3 dinners this week.  On the menu this week - Salmon, feta stuffed burgers and chicken.  We got our three recipes for the dinners from a section Coastal Living magazine called Week at a Glance where they give you a list of ingredients and then that list will be enough for 5 meals during the week.  It's perfect for us.  More on that later.

While we were at the Market we decided to eat dinner at their little food court.  $4.95 a pound.  My meal was just that much.  Not bad for a fresh meal.  It was definitely something new for me, but I wouldn't mind doing it again.  It definitely makes the week-night shopping trip earlier in the night if we don't have to cook first.

Back to Week at a Glance.  Last night I made the salmon meal (no pictures, I'm slacking!) - but here is the recipe.

It was DELICIOUS!  We didn't use the olives because someone doesn't like them - but I'll be adding them to my dish next time.  It was my first time using fresh salmon, not the Publix kind.  Not to say that Publix isn't fresh, but I trust a farmers market a little bit more on the freshness when they have live fish swimming around in tanks.  AND, not only was it delicious, it was also soooo simple.  The part that took the longest was actually pan searing the salmon.  Everything else was just chopping the veggies which I could have done while the salmon cooked.  This meal will definitely be added to my mental menu.  We are making the feta stuffed burgers tonight - I'll be sure to take pictures as we go along.  

We also started watching Arrested Development.  It's another one of those shows that I heard is fantastic from just about everyone who watched it - but I just haven't had the desire to Netflix it.  Season 1 is streaming on Netflix now, so we've started watching.  I'll keep you updated.  Hopefully it lasts longer than I did with Mad Men - just one season.  Maybe I'll start back up again, but I didn't really connect with anyone so I don't really care how it goes...

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