Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guster at Chastain Amphitheater

Who is your favorite band?  For me, that's an easy answer - longtime favorite GUSTER!  I've been listening to their music since college and my enthusiasm for the band has only continued to grow.  I've seen Guster somewhere between 5-8 times, I've lost track over the years, but I know every show has me dancing and singing along.

Last night's show at Chastain didn't disappoint.  Somehow I lucked out and we had ROW B seats.  In the pit.  SO CLOSE to the band.  I highly recommend row B to anyone attending a concert.  :)
I didn't keep track of the setlist because I was too busy dancing and singing but the show opened with a bang and went out with one, too.  Never a dull moment.

What I love about Guster is their no frills approach to stage set up.  There were microphones, 2 drum sets, a piano and that's all folks.  The focus is on the music.  The band also has a great sense of humor and it comes across in the show with silly little things here and there - a band member coming on stage to lead clapping for a section of a show, holding flashlights to each other's faces while singing and the best was the disco ball helmet.  That's exactly what it was - a disco ball helmet with a microphone inside so he never stopped singing.

It's great to love a band that continues to put out great music and tour.  The opening band, Jack's Mannequin was good, but every single song sounded like the one they just played.  JM's fan base was 100% high school hipster.  They all left when Guster came on stage.  Ahhh, it finally paid off to be old!

This picture is for Stephen.  He was my photographer while I was dancing.  He caught an awesome picture of me in the stage lights.  Stephen, you're the best.  

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