Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easiest Peach Cobbler

I've never made Peach Cobbler before, for what ever reason it just sounds difficult.  Cobbler - sounds like there are a lot of steps.  I always avoided it.  Well, it's National Peach Month and I live in Georgia.  That's just asking for Peach Cobbler to be made.  

On one of my best friend's blogs, Our Live Beyond the Game, she posted a Peach Cobbler recipe.  The EASIEST recipe for anything I've ever seen.  PB&J might be easier to make... but maybe not.  Check out her blog for the recipe.  It goes something like this:

  • Drain one can of peaches, dump both into baking dish
  • Cover with box of yellow cake mix
  • Place sliced butter all over top
  • Bake for an hour
When it was done baking we waited for it to cool for a little bit then dug in.  The consistency wasn't right because it was still so warm - but boy was it delicious.  Stephen had some cobbler for breakfast this morning and said it was perfect.  This may be my new dinner party dessert.  :)

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