Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crock Pot Challenge Meal #11: Overnight Oats

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a difference between Steel Cut Oats and Old Fashioned Oats - read about it here.  Knowing that ahead of time would have probably given me a different outcome for my Overnight Oats.  I was using a recipe from Alton Brown, who we trust in this household.  I don't believe he could lead us astray.  So when my oats turned out to be AWFUL, I knew it was my fault.

Take my word for it - follow this recipe and make sure you have steel cut oats.  I  have nothing more to say about the Oats.  Moving on.

Super healthy breakfast of avocado, Greek yogurt and hard boiled eggs
Since I ruined breakfast, Stephen took over and decided to try something I found while scrolling through Pinterest.  From the blog (never)homemaker I found a recipe for an avocado and hard boiled egg wrap.  We didn't want to use mayo in our recipe so we substituted with Greek Yogurt and my sexy, smart husband also added some garlic powder and smoked paprika to the mix.

Feel free to play around with the mix and add what you think will be best.
The recipe made two, large wraps for breakfast.  It's delicious.  While we were eating he was already thinking of ways to make it better - feta cheese.  Feta is the answer.  It would take these wraps to a whole new level.  To make it thicker, cottage cheese could also be substituted for the Greek Yogurt.  Still healthy, a little bit heavier.  I love when Stephen can fix my mistakes.  Glad I married him.

Apparently I'm a child and I can't eat a wrap without spilling the contents all over the place.  I'm glad we took a picture before I took a bite
If you're keeping track - Saturdays aren't working out so well in the Crock Pot Challenge.

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