Saturday, October 6, 2012

Crock Pot Challenge Meal #5: Applesauce

We knew we weren't going to eat dinner at home Friday night because we had tickets to the Braves Wild Card game, I wanted to make a snack in the crock pot.  I'm a huge fan of Applesauce and when I saw the recipe in my slow cooker I had to give it a try.

Draining the liquid from the Applesauce
To make the applesauce I peeled and cored 8 organic apples and then chopped them up and dropped them into the slow cooker.  I added half a cup of water, half a cup of sugar and a tablespoon of cinnamon. That's it!!

MMMM - yummy
It was one of the easiest recipes so far, but the set up took some time.  Peeling the apples took the longest amount of time, but really, it was about 10 minutes.  Once the 8 hour cook time was over, the apples were the consistency in the pictures above.  There was quite a bit of liquid in the crock pot so we had to scoop out the applesauce and strain it.  We kept the liquid, it's delicious, like homemade apple cider.

Our homemade applesauce!
I was a little disappointed in the small amount of applesauce that 8 apples yielded, but it was perfect for two people. I didn't measure how much applesauce we had (I already ate it) but I think it's safe to say we had about two cups.  To make the applesauce a little smoother we used our new immersion blender for the first time and blended up the applesauce a bit.  It was smoother than what you get out of the jar and 100x better.

We are so excited we learned to make our own applesauce.  It is going to be a great addition to our Thanksgiving table this year and one day we'll have little kids running around the house.  Having homemade applesauce will be so much better than buying off the grocery store shelf - we'll know exactly what goes into our food.

On the Stephen Scale, the applesauce recipe is absolutely a Keeper and we'll be sharing with friends and family at Thanksgiving.

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