Monday, January 30, 2012

1st Beer Festival of the Year

Well, we have that under out belt - the first beer fest of the season.  I'm not sure if all cities are like Atlanta, but starting in late January/early February it's beer festival season until early May.  Almost every weekend you can find a beer festival somewhere in Greater Atlanta.

This weekend was the Atlanta Winter Beer Festival held at The Masquerade on North Ave.  It's a pretty big concert space, but I've never been to a show there - it doesn't really pull in my type of music.

From the street I had no idea how big The Masquerade was on the inside.  It was huge!  There were multiple rooms with different beer to taste in each room, over 100 beers to taste in total.  Outside there was a giant tent set up with more beer vendors and some beer pong and flip cup games taking place.

When we go to The Masquerade the line was pretty long, but it moved very quickly and we were inside not much after 3:00, when the doors opened.  One of the rooms even had live music.

I tried to keep track of all the beer I was trying, but after the 4th or the 5th beer I lost my piece of paper and after the 6th or 7th beer I lost the desire to try new beers and I was just going to the "bartenders" who were pouring the biggest cups of beer.

The event ended at 8:00pm and we were back at a friend's house for the after party since she was in walking distance.  We hung out, ate some cheese dip, sausage dip and buffalo chicken dip until I could legally drive home.

Like any festival, the only complaint was the number of bathrooms.  There never seems to be enough, no matter how many they have.

February is typically the month of oyster festivals - let's get ready!

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