Thursday, January 19, 2012

Headboard wall Decal from Urban Outfitters

Our guest room is a work in progress.  It's a miss match of furniture that we both had in different rooms of our houses before we moved in together.  The room is fully furnished with a dresser, sofa, queen bed, bedside table and lamps, but it doesn't feel like it all fits together just yet.  As I'm often reminded, we have years to get it right, there is no need to go out and spend tons of money all at once.

One of the things that I felt the room needed the most was a headboard for the bed.  I've been looking on Pinterest for inspiration for a few weeks and I have a lot of great ideas, but all are expensive or will involve a lot of time - neither of those options help me in the short term.

While looking at sale items on Urban Outfitters I came across this wall decal headboard.  It could be the simple fix to my headboard problem.  I scooped it up right away.

Last night the work began.  The decal came in two giant pieces.  It definitely took both of us to put it up.  We noticed right away that the hardest part was making sure it was level.

Above is a picture of the bottom half of the decal on the wall.  Notice the nice work Stephen did to work with the electrical socket.

Then it was time to put the top half of the headboard on.  The hard part this time was making sure the pieces matched without a seam.  I think we did pretty good!  I saw in the comments on the Urban website that someone cut it into 4 pieces before they put it on the wall, that probably would have helped  a little bit.  

Here is the finished project!

I think it looks gorgeous.

Word of advice for anyone else attempting to put up this decal, or I can imagine any decal, use two people BUT make sure the one with little or no patience (in our case, me) should be the one doing the work or before the project begins, swears to keep his/her mouth shut.

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