Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calendar.... to Wall Decor

I hate blank walls.  They bother me.  A blank wall is yelling out to me, "fill my empty space!" and "you aren't creative enough to put something on the wall!"  Empty walls taunt me.

Above our couch we have a big, open wall.  I'd temporarily filled it with some paintings I'd done at Sips N Stokes, but they aren't big enough for the space and they aren't even framed yet.  They weren't working for me.

A year ago I bought a calendar of vintage travel posters with the plan that after the year was over, I'd cut out the pictures, frame them and make a collage on the wall.  That's right, I planned a year in advance.  And as fate would have it, I was planning months before I even met Stephen.

So that's what I did.  I picked my favorite posters, cut them out and put them in some cheap frames I found on super sale at an art supply store.  They look amazing.  

Stephen was great enough to hang them above the couch for me.  I'm so glad he did.  I would have spent 20 minutes measuring and adjusting and stressing out and he had them up in 5 minutes and they look perfect.  Exactly what I had in mind.  Now for some reason, I can't find the picture I took of them up on the wall.  

I have 4 pictures, all in 11 x 14 frames.  They are in a horizontal diamond, centered on the wall.  It was so easy to do and I still have 8 months remaining, I might try to find other, black frames (not matching) to fit the other pictures and add them to the wall.  We definitely have the space.  Such an easy project and they create such a focal point in the living room opposite the TV.  

UPDATE:  It took us a few months, but we bought a few more frames and also found a fun group of small, Italy pictures that we also added to the wall.  Here is the wall as it is now - before we leveled out all the pictures.  We were just so excited to take a picture!

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