Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iPad 2 - Review

I've had my iPad 2 for a few weeks now and I realized that I haven't really commented on it.  But that's probably best because everyday I learn a little bit more about it and find something new that I enjoy.

This won't be a technical product review.  I'm not a technical person and I'll speak to what I know and makes sense to me.  And in my opinion, I don't think that everyone who uses an iPad is a technology nut, and if you are, there are far better review than the one you'll find below.

Okay, let's get started!  I wasn't in the market for an iPad, I have an iPhone and I was of the belief that an iPad was just a big iPhone that couldn't call anyone or text message.  I was surprised by my dad and step-mom with an iPad for Christmas, along with the rest of my siblings.  (I wish we had been recorded when we opened the gifts.  Five 20-something kids all yelling and excited in front of the Christmas tree doesn't happen too often.  The wine may have helped too.)  I didn't even have wi-fi at my house at that time.  I was beyond excited with the new gift, just not sure how often I'd be using it based on the other things I already owned.

Again, life proves me wrong.  I use my iPad all the time!  As a matter of fact I've had it with me basically everyday since Christmas.  So far I've used it for a few different purposes - I'll detail each of them with some things that I've found important.

1. Reading.  So far I've used my iPad the most when reading.  I absolutely love my Kindle but the iPad has replaced it recently because I am still getting it set up.  I love that the Kindle, my phone and the iPad all talk to one another so I can read the same book on all devices.  I will say, once I'm over the "newness" of the iPad and have it set up how I want it to be, I'll go back to carrying my Kindle with me in my purse. It's cheaper to replace and MUCH lighter.  I also think reading on the Kindle is easier on my eyes.

2. Email.  So much nicer to get my emails on the iPad with the larger screen than on my phone.  If I can read email on the iPad I'll do that over the phone anytime.  The keyboard is also easier to type on, obviously because it's larger.  On that note, I don't find it necessary to buy a keyboard for the iPad.  I'm not writing novels on the thing.

3. Apps.  Not all iPhone Apps are built to work on the iPad, they just show up smaller on the screen.  When I connected my iPad to iTunes for the first time and it loaded all my phone apps to the pad I had some problems with the downloads.  I had to delete a few of the apps and then re-download them on the iPad, even if they were still in iPhone mode.  Fixed now, but annoying at first.  I've found that I have a few of the same Apps on my phone and iPad (facebook, weather, wells fargo, delta, etc), but I've begun downloading apps just for the iPad, most of them drawing or photo editing so far.  There are so many apps out there, any suggestions to the 'must have apps' let me know!

4. Watching TV.  I haven't had much time to do this but I have downloaded the NBC and ABC apps and each of them give you access to their programming.  I watched part of a Modern Family episode and I can't wait to watch more.  The picture is so clear.

I haven't listened to music on the iPad yet, but I've loaded some of my music.  I also haven't used the iPad to take any pictures yet.  It seems a bit silly to use the iPad when I have my phone and an actual camera which are both smaller and easier to hold to take pictures.  I'll just do my editing on the iPad.

Lastly, let's talk about my case.  If you're still with me - thanks!  I wanted a case that would 100% protect my iPad and I wanted something that would display the screen vertically and horizontally - very important to me.  I like the Apple cases, but they lack the dual way display.  I went with a Targus case. It does exactly what I wanted it to and it allows for a full 360 degree rotation of the iPad.  It also has an elastic band that holds the cover in place which is nice when I put it in my giant purse.  I don't want my keys to slip in there and scratch anything.  Some reviewers I read before my purchase said the stand didn't display the iPad level, I think that was user error and/or not understanding that the case allows for a full 360 degrees... you have to put it in the right place to get it level.

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