Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chicago's best delivered to Atlanta

I'm nervous about some leftovers.  For example, I won't even touch microwaved seafood.  I can just picture myself in the bathroom throwing up 15 minutes after eating.  This is probably a crazy assumption because I've seen Stephen eat plenty of leftovers and he's never gotten sick from them, but I'm still scared.  Crazy.  Yes.

If I'm terrified of some leftovers, the thought of ordering food from a restaurant in Chicago and having it delivered in Atlanta sounds even more sketchy.  But that's just what happened to our friend, Rich.  I didn't ask if he ordered it or if it was ordered for him for his birthday, but he had Portillo's Italian Beef delivered right to his door.  Now you'll remember that I ate at Portillo's in June when I visited Chicago.  I LOVED it.  The Italian Beef was amazing.  When I heard that's what Rich was offering us for dinner last night, I jumped on it.

The package of food came frozen right to his door in a nice little package.  His package had enough food, everything he'd need, for 8 sandwiches.  We were skeptical at first because none of us are small eaters, but the package of 4 servings had enough for one serving when we were done eating, so they have this down just right.  Everything came packaged in serving sizes for 4 with very detailed instructions.  I found them on their website so you can see what I'm talking about.  But it told us exactly what we needed to do.  Rich headed the sauce, not to a boil!, heated the peppers, thawed the meat and shredded it and then warmed the bread.  We built our sandwiches and sat down to watch some Chicago Blackhawk hockey.  It was like we were in Chicago, but not.

I've never had food from another city delivered to my house, and technically this wasn't either, but I got to eat it and try this kind of delivery for the first time.  It was delicious.  I'd be willing to order it for some of my other Chicago born friends.  The Italian Beef Deluxe package is $69.95 on their website and for 8 servings, that's actually a great deal.  Click here to see the exact package that was delivered.

Source: Portillo's online store

It doesn't mention that you also get an authentic Portillo's hat with the package.  I wore it.  And loved it.

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