Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm Burger: Restaurant Review

Most weekends the best part of Sunday morning is waking up past 10:00, staying in bed a little bit longer then heading to brunch with friends.  

This past Sunday a big group of us headed to Farm Burger in Decatur.  Atlanta seems to be the home to Frozen Yogurt shops and Burger restaurants.  I'm not complaining at all - I love them both.  

Besides being plentiful, the burger places that are opening are organic and the meat comes from grass fed cows.  Here is the official statement from Farm Burger on their website:  

Farm Burger wants you to think about your burger - what it is and where it's from. Our burgers are made from 100% grassfed beef that is dry-aged and ground fresh. Our cows are raised on the sweet grasses of the southeast, and never fed antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Our menu is seasonal and sourced from local farms. Our space is convivial and comfortable - because eating is a celebration to be shared. Our food makes ethical eating easy.

The menu definitely stays true to that statement.  As you build your burger, or chose from the few set burgers on the menu, you can add items such as oxtail marmalade, roasted bone marrow or pork belly.  Not items you'll find on the menu at Burger King.  The roasted bone marrow actually comes out in the bone.  Mabel spend the evening with the bone that night.  She's never been happier. 

I had a burger with gruyere cheese, local bacon and a side of french fries.  I should have upgraded to the sweet potato fries, but the regular ones are what fries should be - fresh cut and salty.  The burger was fantastic.  You have two choices when ordering, medium or well done.  Mine came out close to medium well and Stephen's was well done even though he'd ordered medium.  That's really the only complaint that anyone at our table had on the food.  Our meat temperature wasn't always consistent with how we ordered it.  The best part about the burgers being so fresh was that you're not super sleepy after you finish your meal.  

One note - get there early or plan to wait in line.  Some of our group tried to go on Saturday and the line wrapped around the building.  We were there at opening (11:30 on Sunday) and there was a line right away and seats were scarce once people started moving through the line.  

Farm Burger is a fantastic place for a burger, especially one a little outside the box.  There were tons of families on Sunday morning and the atmosphere is very welcoming to everyone.  The patio at the Decatur location was fabulous.  We'll be going back again.  Our burgers cost $12 each, so it's not an every weekend trip, but definitely a great option for a lazy Sunday morning with friends.  

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