Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Zip Code

It's 100% official - I'm a Fulton County resident again.  My move into Stephen's house was on Saturday and it went better than I ever could have expected

Over the past 2 weeks, with Stephen's help, I've been packing and moving boxes from my apartment to Stephen's house.  We wanted to get all of the stuff we could move in our cars to the house before we got the U-haul truck.  I argued this a little bit every now and then, but Stephen is smart, and it was the better plan.  Moving day we only had the large furniture we couldn't fit in a car and very few boxes.

I went with the 17' truck instead of the 14' truck... good call, Deegan. 
The U-haul pick up was at 9:00.  We were at the apartment by 9:15 and started loading.  Luckily, four friends really stepped up and helped me move.  BIG thanks to Richard, Ryan, Ehron and Cameron for coming out.  We had the truck packed, down to the house and unpacked by noon.  We were back at the rental place by 12:15.  The total for the rental was $63!!!  So much better than hiring movers for at least $350.  Now when we move out of the house one day - I'm going to require movers.  We can't move a 3 bedroom house on our own, I like our friends too much.

The moving team.  No, I don't know why Stephen is wearing a blanket.

The day was perfect.  There was no fighting between us, nothing broke, it went faster than I thought it would and I'm finally living in ONE place.  (The weather was also perfect - it was in the 60s and not a cloud in the sky.)  It was noted that I didn't stress out during the move, very true.  I noticed that too.  I think I wasn't stressed out because I knew how perfect this move is.  It's the perfect move for us.  If things aren't unpacked already, it's okay.  I have forever to get the house the way we want it.

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