Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zoo Atlanta through the Eyes of a 1-year-old

Saturday was a perfect weather day.  As our NBC Affiliate station in the market says, it was an 11-Alive day because it was an 11 out of 10.  I knew it was supposed to be a good weekend and I wanted to be outside as much as possible.  Living in a house without a pool makes it hard to hang out at the house outside.  Zoo Atlanta isn't too far away, only a mile, and I've wanted to take my little friend, Peyton, to the zoo for a long time.  She's 15 months now and I thought it was the perfect time.

Off we went!  It was such a great trip.  Peyton's friend, Grayson, and her mom, Courtney, joined us for the trip.  Five ladies spending the day at the zoo.

We were pretty unsure how the girls would react to the animals and being in a stroller for a few hours.  We were ready for them to be over it in one or two hours and we were okay with that.  It was also time for us adults to have some friend time.

The girls did WONDERFUL!  They waved at all the animals, they loved looking at all of the people walking by and being outside all day was great for them.  Some of the animals were scary for Peyton and she'd quickly wrap her arms and legs around me so I wouldn't feed her to the big, hairy animals.  I thought she'd love the gorillas but they were frightening for her.  Maybe in a few months we'll go back and she'll be ready for them.

The bird exhibits that we could walk through were the biggest hits, besides the playground.  In the first bird house you can buy a stick with bird food on it and they birds will come right up to you!  I wasn't sure how the girls would like it but they were very interested in the birds coming that close.  I'm pretty sure Peyton knew I wasn't going to feed her to the birds.

The petting zoo was great for Grayson but Peyton wouldn't get close to the goats or sheep without running back to me or her mom.  The other benefit of the petting zoo was that the girls could run around and no be in a stroller which was necessary for them to do after so long all locked up.  The girls just want to run!  After the petting zoo we headed to the playground.

Playgrounds with two 15 month old girls have to be one of my new favorite places.  The girls had such a great time running around the fort, sliding down the slide, driving the school bus and exploring.  We'd been at the zoo for close to 4 hours when we got to the playground so we let them run a bit then we headed home before anyone got sleepy.

That's right ladies and gentlemen.  Two toddlers made it 4 hours at Zoo Atlanta.  There were no tears.  No naps.  All smiles.

I highly recommend taking your kids to Zoo Atlanta.  We thought the girls might be a little bit too young, but they are just at the right age to start them out.  They have so many years of zoo visits ahead of them, I hope each one gets more and more exciting for them.

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